Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sayonara,Bel 260

This semester,in Bel 260 class,I have learning many new things...

Miss Zu taught us using another method and I think it really works!!
The activity that Miss Zu did such as acting, game,and so on  make me more confident.
And the result is, my English are more better compared than the last semester...:D
Thanks a lot for all your hardwork Miss Zu..:D

Final Class : Food Time!!!


Today, Miss Zu gave us back the test of argumentative essay that we had done on Tuesday.My group just get 13 out of 20.....Well,we need to be improve a lot..:D

After that, Miss Zu gave us food!!!So many food!!!
She bought the food by the money that we collect from the late comers....I also the part members of late comers...So all of you,please say thanks to me..:D

As this the last class, Miss Zu gave us an advice and we also took some picture together with Miss Zu..

Authors Purpose and The Tone Words..


Today we learnt about authors purpose and the tone words.. 

Important reasons for author's to write:
1) entertain - The author tells a story that describes something or someone in an interesting way.
2) persuade - The author tries to change our opinion on a topic by appealing to our emotions.
3) instruct - The author will explain or teach something in the story that the reader doesn’t know.  The author   
                   provides knowledge to the reader.
4) describe - Authors often describe to support other purposes in writing. They use it to create a character,  
                     set a mood or envision a scene.

What is tone?
Tone-writer’s use of words and writing styles to demonstrate his or her stand towards the issue..

There are so many types of tone. As example:

Passive Voice


Today,we learn about passive voice..

What is passive voice??

Passive voice is used when the emphasis is more on the object of a sentence rather than the doer. 
The relationship between the active and the passive voice can be demonstrated as follow..
  e.g Din ate fried chicken  (ACTIVE VOICE)
        Fried chicken was eaten by Din  (PASSIVE VOICE)

for more information,click to this link :

After that,POP!!!We have a pop quiz,again,and in group...What is exactly we need to do??
We must do an argumentative essay..
Syawan - Introduction
Me - Body paragraph 1
Fadzli - Body paragraph 2
Din - Body paragraph 3
Ezuwan - Conclusion

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Drawing Conclusion


Today, we learn on how to drawing a conclusion..
What is conclusion??
Drawing conclusions is a form of critical thinking. It is relating what you see, hear and read to what you already know” 

Drawing conclusions is an important skill to help us get the most out of your reading, an to understand the writer’s point of view. 
When draw a conclusion, we need to use all the facts that can find in the passage to help you figure out what we do not know.

Thanks for reading..:)..Adios

Argumentative Essay


Today we learn how to write an argumentative essay...
Before writing,we must : 

- Brainstorm ideas
- Identify the main topics.
- Use these topics as headings.
- Decide which side you are on i.e. which arguments are most convincing.
- Plan and write an outline for your essay.

The instructions are,we must write : 
1) introduction paragraph
2) body paragraph
3) refutation paragraph
      -This is also used to support your claim. 
      -Use the counter arguments to show that your idea is the stronger one. 
      -Do not focus only on the opposing ideas.
4) Concluding paragraph

That all...Bye..:D

Inferences and Prediction


Today,Miss Zu shows us how to make an inferences and prediction..

What is inference??

You make an inference when you use clues from the story to figure out something that the author doesn't tell you.

After that,Miss Zu conduct a game,detective game..We need to find the killer based on the clue that we get..It very hard...but,eventually, Niena solve it..Whoaaa!!Good job..=='

What is prediction??
A prediction is what you think will happen based upon the text,the author, and the background knowledge.

Like inference,also conduct a game for this part...She show a video to us...What we going to do is prediction what will happen to the event that occur in the video..:)